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Monday, February 03, 2014

Crock-pot Green and Red Cabbage Rolls in Sauce

Crock-pot Green and Red Cabbage Rolls in Sauce delectable victuals

Cabbage rolls are quick and easy to make in a steamer or pan. But sometimes, just the sheer joy of starting it early and having it ready hours later makes me turn to the electrical crock pot for this.

Red cabbage leaves are notoriously crispy and not pliable to facilitate easy rolling. Use slightly old red cabbage that feels wilted a bit, yet good for consumption. Outer leaves with thick ridges don't work as well, of course. Also, I prefer to par cook it in the microwave with some water to make it softer and easier to roll up.

For a quick filling, ready-made frozen veggie patties are perfect. Either TJ's Pizza Veggie Burger patties or Black Bean Chipotle patties are the current favorites at home. Simply cook the patties, crumble them to make the filling.

Start some tomato sauce with corn and onion cooking in a crock pot. Assemble the cabbage rolls: simply fill a layer of cabbage large enough to make a roll, roll like a burrito wrap or dolma, place gently in the crock pot with the sauce. Cover and cook for  5 to 6 hours till desired doneness. I start this in the morning before going to work, and it is ready for dinner that evening.

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  • At 10:36 AM, Blogger Rashmi Pai said…

    Oh, this is one of the most easiest and the fastest cooking recipe I guess. I had never tried a cabbage roll alone except the normal veg roll.
    I think I have to buy all the ingredients very soon and try it out.

    Thanks for it.


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