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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pimientos y Pollo con Tortilla

Pimientos y Pollo con Tortilla Chicken Fajitas
While Pimientos y Pollo con Tortilla is just a Spanish translation of the primary ingredients, it somehow sounds more exotic than Chicken and Bell Peppers with Tortilla :)

And, that's all this recipe is. Much like a wrap. We simply call it fajitas at home for convenience even if it is technically incorrect as it refers to a specific cut of beef that was originally used to create this dish.

Cooked on a cast iron skillet, with a couple of drops of Liquid Smoke (I use Wright's Hickory Seasoning) and spicy McCormick's™ Taco Seasoning, these bell peppers and chicken and onions make a wonderful filling to wrap in a tortilla and enjoy.

I like to start the chicken and onions first on the skillet and add the bell peppers when chicken is nearly cooked so they can all finish together. While corn tortillas are traditional, I like the high-fiber (low-carb) wheat tortillas for the wraps.

We've been enjoying more of the usual soups with home-made dampers and breads, South Indian rasam with Poduthuvals and home-made pizzas for the last few weeks - just quick meals - nothing elaborate, nothing new and exciting to share here...

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