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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buckwheat Soba, Teriyaki Chicken and Blanched Green Beans

Buckwheat Soba, Teriyaki Chicken and Blanched Green Beans

This Buckwheat Soba, Teriyaki Chicken and Blanched Green Beans is a simple meal combination, another one of D's favorites.

Soba and the green beans are flavored with a dash of Ponzu sauce after cooking and draining. Teriyaki chicken is very much like the usual recipe I follow, nothing new.

for the Teriyaki sauce and glaze:
¼ cup shoyu, or dark soy sauce
¼ cup mirin (or, sherry, if mirin is not handy)
¼ cup sake
1 Tbsp brown sugar (or, superfine caster sugar, if handy)

2 medium frozen skinless boneless chicken breasts, thawed
1 Tbsp sesame oil, or canola oil

Garnish: strips of nori, toasted sesame seeds

  1. Heat the teriyaki sauce ingredients gradually till sugar dissolves; off heat, let it cool
  2. Cut the chicken breast into bite size pieces and marinate in some of the cooled teriyaki sauce, for about 15-20 minutes
  3. Heat the oil in the pan to high heat, drain the marinated chicken pieces, toss them into the hot pan and stir them around; alternately, pre-heat grill or broiler and grill or broil the chicken; I prefer to pan-fry
  4. Toss around, turning all sides, over medium high heat, adding teriyaki sauce a little at a time to glaze the chicken pieces; cook till chicken is done, still juicy and tender; usually close to 170°F

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