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Friday, February 29, 2008

Tamago Omelette

tamago japanese omelette omelet recipe eggs healthy

D thinks it is not easy to give me presents for anniversaries and birthdays. There might be some truth to it. Not because I am difficult to please, just that I never feel I deserve anything special, so, it overwhelms me when I get something I didn't really need, and it shows...

But, to get around this, we had established a wish-list system at home when we got married, where we could list things that would be nice to have, but, life can go on fine without it... practical things, usually, but, sometimes some intangible stuff as well...

tamago japanese omelette omelet recipe eggs healthyAnyway, for Christmas 2007, D gave me a rectangular Tamago Pan since I had written some kitchen things on my wish-list. I do like getting kitchen items or any household items as presents as they are practical and usable.

It came with instructions for making Tamagoyaki, Japanese rolled omelette. It seemed a bit intricate and would need some practice to get it right. I decided to try a simple version anyway a few weeks ago...

Basically, it involves making thin layers of omelette and rolling them back, and making more layers and rolling them back and so on, and then assembling them all together, cut into thick slices/slabs, and served with Donburi, or with some sushi rolls, or just enjoyed it as-is for breakfast.

4-6 eggs
1 Tbsp mirin OR 1 tsp castor sugar, or powdered sugar
2 Tbsp shoyu or soy sauce
1 Tbsp dashi stock, or a pinch of dashi-no-moto (optional)
vegetable oil for frying

optional: spring onions, bell peppers

  1. Beat the eggs, and combine the rest of the ingredients, mix well
  2. Pour a quarter of the mixture on the tamago pan, or any regular pan, allow it to set but not cook through
  3. Then roll or fold (I couldn't roll neatly using chopsticks as suggested, so, I used a spatula and sort of roughly folded it back) the partially set omelette farther away from you, and add another quarter of the mixture and repeat till all the egg mixture is used up and a big roll/slab is formed, and is cooked through
  4. Cut into blocks as desired and serve with Donburi, or with some sushi rolls, or just enjoy it as-is for breakfast

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  • At 12:02 AM, Blogger Nags said…

    that looks lovely! never heard of a tamago pan!!


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