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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spinach Mor-kozhambu


Mor-kozhambu is one of my favorite simple foods. I love to have it with rice and paruppusili. And, among the mor-kozhambus, my favorite is, of course mambazha mor-kozhambu :)

Since D, Ana and I are recovering from some viral thing that gave us high (102-103°F) fever and severe cough, I was craving for some comfort food. Rasam is my first choice, of course, when I am sick or recovering, but, this time, in addition to rasam, I was craving for this spinach mor-kozhambu. I was too pooped to make any paruppusili, so, I just had to settle for plain old green jackfruit poduthuval.

Now, the recipe is the same as the opo squash mor-kozhambu, except I cut down on the chilies, and used some left over low fat sour cream that needed to be used up. The result was creamy and yummy.

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  • At 5:53 AM, Blogger Aparna said…

    Nothing beats a mor kuzhambu and parippu combination.
    Hope you get better soon.


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