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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mambazha Mor-kozhambu


Mambazham=Mango fruit. The mor-kozhambu recipe is very much the same as opo squash mor-kozhambu. The primary difference is the use of ripe mango fruit instead of vegetables (opo squash, carrots, plantain etc.).

This doesn't look like much in the photo - just a yellow liquid - but, it was a tiny piece of heaven for me. I don't make this often. I wait till I crave for it and make it in the mango season when the fruits are affordable here, which is usually around summer.

Mambazha mor-kozhambu can be a bit of an acquired taste like Mahani/Mahali oorugai (pickle). I simply love Mahali oorugai, but, my mom, and even D cannot stand the smell of it! Me, I am happy with yogurt rice accompanied by a generous helping of Mahali pickle:)

Anyway, for this mambazha mor-kozhambu:
  1. I used one large ripe mango fruit, skinned, and pulp extracted by hand.
  2. Then simmered it in some water and salt. When cool enough to handle, ran it in the blender till uniformly smooth and no lumpy mango pieces remained.
  3. Then added the ground mor-kozhambu paste as in opo squash mor-kozhambu recipe and simmered some more
  4. Finally added buttermilk till it warmed through but not boiled, else buttermilk separates. Optionally add the tempering and garnish with cilantro or curry leaves.

This mambazha mor-kozhambu has a slight sweet tinge to it from mango fruit, which is balanced by some extra hot chilies in the ground coconut+chili paste.

I love paruppusili to accompany this mor-kozhambu, but, I was too lazy to make paruppusili, so, I served it with spicy beetroot+potato roast - just potatoes and beetroot pan-roasted with red hot chili powder and some salt.


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  • At 3:06 AM, Blogger Rajitha said…

    i loove mambhazha morukootan (we use coconut-lots) is soo yummy!

  • At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Lakshmi said…

    wow its new to me using ripe mango in Mor-Kozhambu or majjige huli as we call it in Kannada.


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