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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Home-garden Zucchini Crispy Pan-fried

Summer was rather unseasonably hot here. Al fresco dining was a frequent option, to just hang out in the backyard and catch the evening breeze as the sun sets and the air cools a bit.

Fresh veggies and fruits, with minimal cooking was my goal. And this particular meal seemed to fit the bill perfectly, served buffet-style, a few weeks ago.

Some tender zucchini from the garden got made into these incredibly addictive crispy pan-fried slices. Coat the zucchini slices with some olive oil. Grate some Parmesan, combine it with some seasoning. Press the oiled zucchini slices into the seasoned Parmesan and pan-fry till both sides are crispy

Carrots and cucumber from the farmers market became Indian-style salads: Cucumber got tossed with some salt, cayenne pepper, lime juice and cilantro. Grated carrots got tossed with some grated ginger, salt, toasted cumin seeds, and lemon juice.

We had picked fresh blueberries at the farm, diligently working under scorching sun, thinking about seasonal migrant workers who usually take on this tedious job for minimal wages, and wondering all the costs that go into keeping the berries fresh when they arrive at the local supermarkets... Kids were truly appreciative of the labor and the incidental costs, which hopefully will make them more responsible and discerning consumers when they grow up...

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