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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Kale and Southwest Veggies Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Israeli Cous Cous

Kale and Southwest Veggies Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Israeli Cous Cous ptitim

Simple saute of kale with southwest blend veggies like onions, peppers, corn, black beans, and maybe some mushrooms, is versatile as a base for many other dishes.

A good helping of this sauteed veggie blend wrapped in home-made rotis makes a fantastic lunch. And the leftovers come in handy for this chicken dish.

chicken breast, boneless skinless, thinly sliced
some red wine vinegar and Bragg Liquid Aminos for marinating

Veggies blend: Kale, corn, black beans, onions, red peppers, ancho chilies, mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes

Spices: either store-bought cajun seasoning or home-blend of favorite spices

A few tablespoon oil for pan-cooking

Ptitim, aka Israeli Cous Cous

Some toothpicks

  1. Thinly slice a medium chicken breast into three slices, pound to uniform thickness as needed 
  2. Marinate in some red wine vinegar and Bragg liquid aminos for a few hours to overnight 
  3. Saute the veggies with spices and keep handy
  4. Heat the oil in a cast iron skillet over medium low heat
  5. Assembly: Place a scoop of the sauteed veggies on a marinated thin slice of chicken breast; roll it up, pulling in the sides, and secure with toothpicks so it doesn't unravel while cooking
  6. Gently arrange the stuffed chicken breasts on the hot skillet, cover and allow to cook over medium heat till the bottom is seared and the inside is cooked
  7. Flip gently and cook the other side as well until the thickest part registers 165 ° F
  8. Cover and allow to rest before serving with cooked cous cous

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