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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Whole Okra with Mayocoba Beans

spicy Whole Okra with Mayocoba Beans

Mayocoba or Peruano beans have a meatier texture and a satisfying flavor compared to white or navy beans. Typically, I soak it overnight and pressure cook it to firm yet soft consistency, not mushy.

This simple side can be served with rotis, naan, basmati rice, or eaten as is.

Simply saute the onions and green bell peppers, add the par-cooked okra, season to taste, when okra is mostly done, stir in the cooked mayocoba beans, adjust seasoning.

Seasoning varies on my mood - sometimes it is lemon pepper and sage; sometimes it is cumin and curry powder; sometimes it is shawarma spice mix.

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