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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Home Garden Strawberry Salsa

Home Garden Strawberry Salsa

For weeks now, the small strawberry patch in the backyard has been consistently yielding about two dozen ripe berries every three days. Some get made into smoothies, some enjoyed fresh off the plant, some brighten up an impromptu fruit salad, and some others get to become my favorite Salsa Fresca, as well as simmered spicy salsa.

Home Garden Strawberry Salsa

There is no set recipe per se. For the strawberry salsa, a splash of fresh lime juice and finely chopped home-garden super chiles added the bite that I like; fresh tomatoes, onions, and cilantro are the main ingredients. But, I added some finely chopped celery and colorful mini peppers just to satisfy my tastes, along with salt, cayenne pepper powder and some taco seasoning.

Home Garden Strawberry Salsa

The simmered salsa is not much different, just combine the ingredients and simmer till cooked through to desired consistency.

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