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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Earth gives... yet again.

Spring finally arrived a while back, a bit later than last year. And we've been working on the backyard garden. Nothing spectacular, just the usual annuals and perennials we use the most.

Rhubarb came first, heralding spring as unmistakably as always. I made the usual chutney, scone and even rhubarb sambar. My favorite herb, that almost grows wild like weed with very little maintenance, is Mint. I incorporate it in most curries these days, some of it makes chutneys once a week or so.

Chives are back. Strawberry patch is slowly blooming. Raspberry and grapevine seem alive again.

We planted some peas as always to enrich the soil by rotation. Tomatoes are planted and caged, have to see if they survive...

Onions and potatoes are getting larger. Some mesclun greens are almost ready to start harvesting.

Soon, it will be berry season in Oregon and we probably will pick some this year.

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