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Friday, July 04, 2008

Ribbon Pakkoda

home made ribbon pakkoda south indian snack

When Thenkuzhal is here, can Ribbon Pakkoda be far behind?

My mom whipped up a batch of these melt-in-the-mouth Ribbon Pakkodas sometime back and I am so glad I had the presence of mind to take a picture right away, 'coz they were all gone the next day!

thenkuzhal maker ribbon pakkoda maker apparatus

The apparatus used for Thenkuzhal works for Ribbon Pakkoda too, but, this time, my mom bought me another apparatus that we tested out - the shiny stainless steel one on the left in the picture. Instead of the ricer-like (garlic-press-like) action of the aluminum one, the new one simply involves turning the lever at the top round and round to squeeze out the batter into the hot oil. It still has the interchangeable plates at the bottom to squeeze out different shapes of batter, so, this new one would work to make Thenkuzhal, Muthsaram and such as well.

Ribbon Pakkoda is not quite the same as Pakodas, which is another fried snack - but the basic ingredients is the same: chickpea flour and rice flour.

Anyway, 4:1 is the proportion of Chickpea-flour:Rice-flour for this ribbon pakoda.

1 cup chickpea flour
¼ cup rice flour
1 pinch baking powder
salt and chilli powder to taste
water as needed to make a fairly thick toothpaste-like batter

canola oil for frying

  1. Make the batter to squeezable thick consistency
  2. Heat oil to medium high
  3. Squeeze the batter through the apparatus into the hot oil in batches
  4. Fry till golden brown and cooked through
  5. Drain in a papertowel-lined plate

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  • At 11:41 PM, Blogger Nags said…

    used to be a standard snack back home, though i dont remember having homemade ones much. mom used to buy this mostly.

  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger Subhashree said…

    Now I know what you've been upto and why there are no updates on your other blog :)


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