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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Lentil Balls Veggie Soup

It's getting nippy here heralding the gorgeous season of autumn. I love every season for what it offers, and I await with anticipation all the changes each season brings, but, I must admit I am a bit more partial to Autumn than the other three.

The pageantry of leaves bursting with bright red, deep burgundy, sparkling yellow, shocking orange, and even dark pink, clinging valiantly, only to eventually abandon the tenuous attachment, leaving the starkly bare trees forsaken for the winter.

Colder weather means more warm soups and casseroles, fresh-baked breads and quick biscuits.

Lentil Balls Veggie Soup

I make Steamed Lentil Balls on and off and freeze a batch for other uses. Steamed lentil balls when crumbled and sauteed add the much-relished crunch and protein to vegetable sides in the Paruppusili dishes.

This brothy lentil balls soup is quick and simple for a weeknight meal, especially if the lentil balls are already made and frozen. Simply toss in the frozen lentil balls into simmering vegetable broth, add some veggies and herbs and spices, allow to cook to lentil balls are fork tender again but not too cooked that they fall apart. That's it.

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