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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pan Fried Spring Roll Wraps


This came about as a quick evening tea-time snack when my parents were here. Around 3:30pm or 4pm most afternoons we liked to assemble in the patio for some tea. Usually some mixed nuts or Chex mix or Indian mixture is what my parents enjoy with tea. But, once a week or so I would make some impromptu snack and that's how this pan fried spring roll wraps came about.

Nothing special about this dish. I had a batch of spring roll wrappers in the freezer that needed to be used up. Filling can be anything of your choice - curried potatoes, carrots and peas like for samosa, or cabbage/carrots/bean sprouts like for spring rolls. But, I just had ricotta cheese and frozen spinach handy, so, that's the filling I used here.

Rather than deep frying like for spring rolls or samosa, I simply pan fried in a shallow pan with just a tiny bit of oil to brown the sides.

10-12 Spring roll wrappers, thawed and ready to use

filling: ricotta cheese, frozen cut spinach thawed and squeezed dry, curry powder, salt, chopped onions

3-4 Tbsp oil

  1. combine the filling ingredients, adjust to taste and set aside
  2. fill each spring roll wrapper with a tablespoon of the filling, wrap it tightly, seal with a little bit of water around the edges
  3. heat a tablespoon of oil in a shallow pan, place the spring roll wraps in batches and allow to brown; turn over and allow to brown on all sides
  4. add a little more oil for each batch and pan fry them in batches till all are done
  5. serve warm with mango chutney or any favorite cutney

Mango Chutney


Ingredients: dry mango, spiced dry mango with chilli powder, distilled white vinegar, brown sugar salt, oil, water as needed

Mango chutney is usually slightly sweet-sour, so the flavors can be adjusted to taste - vinegar gives the sourness and the mangoes are sweet as-is, but brown sugar can be added for extra sweetness. I get these wonderful dried mango slices at New Season's Market - unsweetened organic mangoes, as well as dry mango slices spiced with salt and chilli powder - which makes it very easy to make this chutney any time.

soak the dry mango pieces in some hot water to reconstitute a bit; combine the rest of the ingredients except oil and blend to a fine paste; adjust flavors to taste and sauté the paste in a bit of oil over medium heat till it comes together and is thickened a bit.

If the chutney is too thick for a dip, dilute with some water.

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  • At 6:50 PM, Blogger Nags said…

    that looks so yummy! how do you churn up these lovely recipes with a baby around?


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