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Saturday, April 07, 2007

asparagus omelette rolls

easy recipe asparagus omelette rolls
Ever since we started getting farm fresh free range hen eggs, I have been making something with eggs for weekend breakfast or brunch.

This is a very easy dish to throw together if a jar of pickled asparagus is handy. Else, fresh asparagus can be used, but, they need to be steamed first.

3 eggs
some soy sauce & mirin (OR, kecap manis, OR, just salt & pepper)
4-5 pickled asparagus spears
1 Tbsp canola oil


beat the eggs with soy sauce & mirin, heat oil in a pan and pour enough of the egg mixture to make a not-too-thick omelette

when the top side just sets, add a few asparagus spears along one end of the omelette, gently tilt the pan and roll the omelette, finish cooking

remove from pan, cut into bite-size 2-inch pieces, sort of like sushi rolls

Serve warm with chili sauce.

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  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger Surya Hith said…

    Asparagus omelette rolls looks nice sheela.I will try this recipe by using my leftover roasted asparagus.
    I got the idea of canned jackfruit for idichakka thoran from your blog.Thanks.By the way,Where are you from in India?


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