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Friday, July 28, 2017

Batter-fried Rockfish with Home-grown Potatoes

Batter-fried Rockfish with Home-grown Potatoes

Not quite prolific yield as some years back, but, despite my inadvertent neglect, the bush green beans are trickling in by the handful. I stuck them in a spot where they barely get a few hours' direct sunlight each day so I am not expecting them to be bountiful this year.

Some of the home-grown potatoes were dug up as well, while they were still young, just the way I like them for a quick steam-and-sauté

Some rockfish caught in Alaska seemed perfect for batter-dipping and frying.

Corn starch plus chickpea flour with salt and paprika blended in ice cold plain soda is my favorite batter for getting a nice crisp crunch. Of course, oil temperate matters, so checking that between batches is something I am training myself to do.

Some chimichurri made with home-garden herbs served as the dip for the fish, although the kids turned up their noses and reached for the ubiquitous ketchup (no HFCS, organic!) when it came to dipping their fish and chips.

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