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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Freekeh, Pearl Millet, Wild Rice Tabbouleh

Freekeh, Pearl Millet, Wild Rice Tabbouleh

Freekeh. Young green wheat. Cracked. Toasted. Chaff and straw removed. High fiber. Whole grain. Hearty.

Pearl Millet. High fiber. High Protein. Rich in B vitamins. Whole grain.

Wild Rice. Grass grains. Native to North America. Gorgeous color. Antioxidants. High fiber. Good protein.

Naturally, the three come together often in my kitchen. Not just as a rice substitute, but as a great base for salads and the ever-popular Bowls!

Any combination of fresh shredded/grated veggies would work, of course. This time, I put my trusty Salad Shooter to good use and made a small pile of shredded/grated veggies including celery, kale, flat-leaf parsley, carrots, and red onions. Some chopped dried fruits and toasted nuts went in as well - dates, apricots, cranberries, almonds, walnuts. Some chopped green apples too. Diced cucumbers. A generous block of Feta cheese got crumbled over the salad for that unbeatable texture and flavor.

The dressing is, as always, a fusion of international flavors: Lemon juice, Ethiopian berbere powder, mirin, apple cider vinegar, grape molasses, avocado oil, and a touch of sesame oil for the finish that leads by the nose.

I know, I should have measured and noted it all down properly. Sorry about that. Will try next time. Dressings come about quite fluidly and organically for me: add a little of this, taste and wrinkle nose, add a little of that, taste and nod with faith, a little of something else, taste and call it just-right.

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