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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Apricot Cheesecake

Apricot Cheesecake

This Apricot Cheesecake was a holiday dessert, requested by the kids. The recipe is nothing original, just a remake of this popular one, with minor adjustments to suit our tastes.

Apricot Cheesecake

It's a simple Graham cracker crust, with sour cream topping, infused with apricot jam/pulp. However, the repetition of the apricot motif makes it burst with flavor: the cream cheese gets a generous swirl of pulpy apricot cooked in wine, and an apricot rose sits on top invitingly.

Apricot Cheesecake

Minor differences: I used Splenda™ instead of sugar; cooked the dried apricots in white wine and pureed to get the pulp for swirling into the cream cheese as well as the sour cream topping.

This cheesecake froze well. I insisted on putting away half of it in the freezer to be enjoyed at another time. Simply thaw in the fridge overnight.

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