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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chicken and Chard Rice with Raita

Chicken and Chard Rice with Raita

One pot/pan meals are quick and easy, which make it quite attractive for me on weeknights. Spiced rice-and-veggies is one of the easiest dishes to whip up that is quite filling on its own. Toss in some beans or lentils/grams for protein and there's a complete meal, no fuss.

While we don't eat red meat, no pork/beef/lamb etc., the kids and the other adult do like poultry and fish every once in a while. And, getting a small portion of chicken breast from a humane local source seems like something we can make peace with.

Now, there is a school of thought I had subscribed to for a period in my life wherein food was just a bland nourishment to keep body and soul together and any indulgence of the palate was outrageous and unnecessary. I am still superbly satisfied with a simple rice and rasam, or buttermilk and pickles, nothing fancy, no indulging the eyes and nose with an array of flavors and colors. I don't care for meat and am not much of a desserts-and-sweets person either.

Left to myself, I am perfectly happy with the Sattvic diet that I grew up with.

Then, what am I doing with a food blog sharing novel and offbeat recipes, along with richly flavorful staples? I haven't quite found the answer to that yet.

All I know is that I enjoy feeding the family and I find cooking to be Zen-like meditation for me. When I am in the kitchen, I am in my zone.

Anyway, here's hoping that fellow foodies and cooking enthusiasts enjoy stopping by and exploring the recipes for inspiration and comfort.

Chicken and Chard Rice with Raita

Nothing much to this dish. Sauté onions, garlic, diced chicken, lima beans, and chopped chard in a large skillet which has a fitting lid. Add rice and sauté. Add appropriate amount of stock or water. Cover and cook, making sure there's enough salt and seasonings to taste.

I used a readymade spice blend from the store -- Blazin' Blends New Orleans Style Seafood & Chicken seasoning.

Cook till rice and chicken are done, adjust seasoning and serve warm.

I served it with a favorite Cucumber Cherries Raita - simple yogurt sauce that cools the tongue and is a great accompaniment for this spicy dish.

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