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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cassava Stuffed Tamales and Dolmas

Cassava Stuffed Tamales and Dolmas

I must admit, cassava is not a favorite at home, so, I don't go looking for it at the market and I don't  cook it often. Every once in a while (perhaps once a year), when it seems available at a reasonable price, I do give it a try to see if our tastes have changed. No such luck this year, we still seem to not be able to accept it without reservations.

Anyway, to keep things interesting, some of the cassava got incorporated into a rather unconventional filling for tamales and dolmas.

Cassava Stuffed Tamales and Dolmas

A bag of corn husks were handy in the pantry. The fresh green grape leaves were hanging off their vines in the backyard. A bag of coconut flour was waiting to be used up. And the cassava made a plea to be accepted with open arms.

Cassava Stuffed Tamales and Dolmas

Mushed cooked cassava, plus a few tablespoons of coconut flour just enough to make a cohesive filling is all there is to the stuffing. Some herbs and flavoring as the mood calls for, of course. I went with some annatto/achiote seasoning. Some chopped up broccoli, onions, and peppers for extra texture.

Cassava Stuffed Tamales and Dolmas

Simply wrap up the filling and steam for about 30 minutes. Lightly saute the dolma before serving, if preferred.

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