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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pan-fried Sunchokes aka Jerusalem Artichokes

Pan-fried Sunchokes aka Jerusalem Artichokes

Much like taro root, sunchokes might cause severe gas and bloating in some with its inulin content, especially when served raw. Of course, each person's tolerance varies but I enjoy these sunchokes (and taro) only occasionally and only in small doses, even though I love the flavor and texture when they are pan-fried or roasted.

With a texture like potatoes and taste like artichokes, this unique tuber lends itself to mashing, pureeing, baking, frying, roasting...

Par-cooking them and then roasting them in the oven cut into shoestring "fries" much like potatoes is a quick and easy way to serve this. But, my preferred way to cook is pan-frying with a touch of balsamic vinegar and spices to crisply caramelize the outsides and have a soft-cooked inside.

Simply peel and chop them into slices, and par-cook them in the microwave or steamer till slightly-tender but not mushy.

Heat olive oil in a cast-iron skillet and arrange the cooked slices in a single layer. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar, smoked paprika, salt, and herbs if preferred (rosemary and oregano from the garden comes in handy sometimes).

Allow the bottom side to crisp and brown a bit and then flip them to cook the other side, adding a splash of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of brown sugar, if preferred.

Garnish and serve warm with brown rice.

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