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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pea Tips with Papaya

Pea Tips with Papaya

It was too hard to resist a pack of pea tips at the Asian store. In the thick of winter here, with gloomy skies and pouring rain, it seemed like pea tips hold the promise of Spring.

Simply saute the pea tips in olive oil, with salt to taste. Stir in julienned green papaya, carrots, and celery. Optionally, add crushed garlic while sauteing. Maybe a few turns of the peppermill, if preferred.

Enjoy as-is or serve with warm brown rice or wild rice or just good ol' jasmine rice.

Christmas season has been very low key and relaxed, as always. Some banana breads and cookies got made. Staples like soups and stews and casseroles keep us well fed around this time of the year.

No new recipes came about in the last few weeks, hence not many posts, but plenty of innovative cooking happened thanks to minimal essentials in the pantry as juggling grocery shopping with good weather conditions proved a bit challenging.

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