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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Penguin Cake Pops

penguin cake pops

Of the 500 odd posts here, only a handful are sweets/desserts which about reflects the frequency of dessert-making in my kitchen. We don't eat sweets much so I don't feel the need to bake wonderful confections.

However, when I saw this tutorial, I was inspired to make some for the kiddos. And, when their birthday falls on a weekend, I am all excited to try something new.

Weren't cake pops the rage a while back? I sort of laid low and let the trend pass by, never attempting to make or eat these handy treats.

I made just a few changes from the video tutorial - used dark chocolate melts with added black food color; used M&Ms for the beak and the feet, no bow-tie, nothing fancy; and ready-made Wilton™ candy eyes.

Crumbs from the Penguin Cake I made for the birthday boy came in handy for making these penguin cake pops.

penguin cake pops

I was a bit doubtful about how they would turn out, being my first time and all. But, I was pleasantly surprised - they had the right amount of silly and cute - and the kids devoured them with methodical relish: beak first, feet next, followed by eyes, then head, and finally simply tear into the body at will.

Personally, the hardened candy coating didn't do much for me - the lemon cake inside was good, although hard to taste with relish, but the candy melts that coated the outside isn't my favorite, so, I could take it or leave it - eating-wise, I mean. But, eye-candy-wise, I will certainly take it. Gladly.

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