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Friday, January 08, 2010

Vegetables Stuffed Bread Loaf

stuffed vegetable bread loaf

There seems to be a theme developing here - of loafs - in my kitchen. This Vegetable Stuffed Bread Loaf recipe is easy to throw together on a weeknight, especially if there is leftover veggies.

My kids are offered steamed corn, peas, broccoli, carrots, green beans, potatoes and so on as sides for most dinners, but, they rarely finish it... and, hoping that today is the day they'll eat it all up and ask for more, I always end up steaming a bunch. After a few days, the saved uneaten veggies start to look boring, so, I throw them together with some spices and herbs, stir in some thick cream of broccoli or cream of celery soup (ready-made, canned) and make a sort of filling and keep it handy to make pot-pie, or casserole of some sort with some pasta, or this stuffed bread loaf.

This is nice towards the end of the week as a clearance item :) I simply use the store-bought sliced bread (flaxseed, wholegrain, the good kind), soaked in a bit of milk, for the encasing and follow the recipe much like the Eggplant Loaf -i.e., layer a greased loaf pan with overlapping bread slices at the bottom and sides, fill with the leftover-veggies filling, cover with more bread slices on top and bake in a 350°F oven for about 25 minutes or so till bread is lightly crisp and done.

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  • At 4:00 PM, Anonymous ruchikacooks said…

    What a way to hide veggies! I love pot pies and have made bread but not like this loaf..its usually a one main ingredient bread :)

  • At 12:20 PM, Blogger Sheela said…

    Thanks, Ruchika! It's been interesting for me to find ways to rehash leftovers, thanks to my kids :)


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