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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Seven Wonders

Ha! I wish!

 silver water pot

City Palace, Jaipur

No, you are right, the picture has nothing to do with food or the theme of this post...

Fellow foodie and pal Sig figures there might be a whopping seven random things about me worth recording, and memed (sure it's a word) me, no pressure. So, here's to you, Sig The Optimist:

1. While not really a neat freak or a compulsive organizer, I have always insisted on things being in their allotted spot around the house. For instance, the orange-handled kitchen scissors has to be stowed away in the kitchen drawer by the microwave; the green-handled utility scissors needs to be stowed (with the other utility tools like Phillips screwdriver, Utility Knives, Candles, Matchbox and such) in the drawer by the dining area; the blue-handled sewing scissors better not be touched by anyone but me...

And they better all get back in their respective abode right after use... God-forbid, if D accidentally switches them and I find the orange-handled kitchen scissors in the dining area drawer, there is some really juicy talking-to on the works.

Having said that, I am sure you'll understand if I recorded the seven random facts about me(me) at my other blog (rarelythere).

(See, the thing is, this is not really a food related post and the neurons are firing away in my head telling me that the proper drawer where this post should reside is where I collect non-Baby, non-Recipe stuff about my Life).

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  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger Asha said…

    HeHe!! You sound like me Sheela.Arvind thinks I am a little unstable when I start screaming bcos I can't find my stuff where they belong!!
    My theory is I should be able to find anything in my house even I am blindfolded and I will if others don't switch them around!!:D
    Happy 4th:))


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