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Saturday, February 17, 2007

fun kitchen tools

I have always wanted a toaster oven, but, D kept asking

"what would we do with our toaster?"

"ummm... we could store it in the basement; maybe sell it; or, use it as a spare one downstairs...besides, a toaster oven can do much more..."

"nah. we don't really need a toaster oven."

And there ended these wonderful exchanges, usually rationalizing that we need to be strict about expenditure.

For D's birthday, my parents-in-law treated us to a nice lunch.

Plus, they gifted us a toaster oven! I am sooo excited...

Plus a bunch of fun kitchen tools pictured here.

fun kitchen tools
While I do cook a lot, I have been skeptical about fancy kitchen gadgets, so, I just splurged on a basic kitchen knife set and a grater with multiple settings. After a lot of thought I got a mandoline slicer. And D caved in and got us a cherry pitter a couple of years ago.

So, this set of kitchen tools pictured above is a great gift as we would not have bought it for ourselves... Thanks Dad & DP!

Now, the fun part was, they had removed the packaging and handed each one to us and asked us to guess its purpose. We fared poorly on that:-(

Just to pass along the fun, i invite y'all to leave a comment with your guesses :-)



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