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Sunday, February 18, 2007

French Toast Two Ways

French Toast Two Ways

Classic french toast remains D's favorite.

I try to keep it very simple:

Beat some eggs and milk with some (brown) sugar; dip a slice of bread in the egg mixture and toast on a non-stick buttered hot pan; cook both sides to preferred doneness; drop a spot of butter and let it melt on top before serving; sprinkle some powdered sugar if preferred and serve warm; D likes maple syrup on top.

A strong cup of Indian Malabar or Costa Rican Peaberry brew usually rounds out this breakfast to D's satisfaction.

easy recipe french toast two ways savory and sweet breakfast

Classic French Toast has its merits, no doubt. But, since I prefer savory to sweet, this variation of the recipe came about on a lazy Saturday morning. And looks like my wee one likes this savory version better than the classic sweet version.

  • Chop some scallions and chilies finely; beat the eggs and add the scallions and chilies, some salt and curry powder; mix well, keep handy;
  • preheat and butter the waffle iron; pour some of this egg mixture on the waffle iron, then a slice of bread, and some more of the egg mixture and cook it just like waffles;
  • the mixture is more watery than waffle batter so the waffle iron might steam a little, so handle carefully;
  • when done, remove from waffle iron, sprinkle some grated jalapeno cheddar and some home-made bag cheese.

My wee one likes ketchup with it. Or, I should say, she likes ketchup with the waffle on the side.

Serve warm with a steaming cup of chai.

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